Tan Trieu Pomelo Village; Vietnam

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It's always good to take a little break and head off the city area for a little.
Feasting your eyes on those greenery and tickling your tastebuds with food that differs from the usual. Now that is my definition of a relaxing country side visit. 
(Pardon my sleepy face, it was a tiring butt aching ride)

Despite the long ride down I have to say it was worth the butt ache. 
So here's introducing the place worth that: Tan Trieu Pomelo Village!~

Upon entering, you'll be greeted by tons of trees, huts, stones and bridges across the lake.
I guess I could say it's a little like "kampong" (village) concept which it's a common sight here.

Singapore has really little space and resources to do anything like this so I dare say I ain't tired of this whole kampong concept yet.
In fact, I like how peaceful it feels to be in an environment like that 
(of course let's exclude all the mozzie bites kind of stuff).
So, the farm is open to all guests where you can just roam around and take a look.

It's pretty sad how it wasn't as beautiful as it was in the past.
Well, at least that was what we were told.
Which I kind of agree, it was in a pretty bad state at that point of time probably due to the terribly hot weather.
BUT since the "sight seeing" wasn't my main interest here, it's still definitely worth going.

Here's just some of the little pretty pomelo bottles we saw after taking a wrong turn.

It's quite a small place actually but in my opinion, the main point here isn't about that. 

You should have probably guessed by now what was the highlight of my trip.
Yes! It's always food! It's always about the food!
Since this is a pomelo village, all they're dishes will be done with a tinge of pomelo in it.
Let's take a moment to appreciate this amazing layout of pomelo dishes!

Pomelo Salad

Cracker & Vegetable + some sauce

Fried Pomelo Skin. 
It was simply heavenly!
I've always loved eating pomelos so this was the bomb to me.
I just felt that it would have been better if we could have some fresh fruits itself though.
But all in all, I still love the meal so much!
(Well, pre meal to be exact, this was our "appetiser" before dinner)
Never did I imagine the possibility of eating a pomelo in so many ways.

Seems like something is missing? Beverage?
Here's presenting the pomelo village's very own pomelo wine!
Sounds and looks a little weird doesn't it?
But I assure you, after taking some of this, that thought will automatically be removed.
The perfect combi with our little pre-dinner meal.
The price is so affordable which is definitely a plus point! 
I got myself 2 of these bottles to bring back.

If time permits, I would definitely recommend to have a meal (or appetiser whatever you call it) here.
Definitely something different worth trying and so worth the possible butt cramps along the way.
Tan Binh Commune, Vinh Cuu District, Dong Nai Province
(About 40km from HCMC)

Let me know if I made a mistake in the location in the comment section below (cause I ain't very sure bout it) and maybe let me know if there's anywhere that I must visit.
Till the next post!~
Ppyeong! ^^

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