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Heyy there!~
I know I've been dragging this since forever, my apologies.
I shall just skip all my excuses and get into it~ ^^

We didn't have much plans other than to explore the malls in that area on the 2nd day.
So the first few places we headed to were just small little shops along the way before we got to the Zhongshan Station. 
If you're there, go check out this extremely huge stationary shop which literally seemed to carry anything. From cartoon stationeries like adventure time to cartoon socks!

So, here's starting off the day with some toilet selfies 
in Xin Guang San Yue (新光三越) Shopping Mall! :D

Definitely has to be this baby that I've wanted for months!
Marc by Marc Jacobs ‘Baker’ Leather Strap Watch, 37mm || Mocha Bisque; Silver

Agnes B.Lady's Marcello FCSK968 (30th Anniversary Limited Model)
Thank you Daddy, so much love for you :*

For lunch, we headed to Agnes B. Cafe which was is situated just next to Zhongshan Station Exit
台北市南京西路14号1楼 (exact address if you need it)
The outlet that we went to was slightly small and only outdoor sitting was available. 
What's best in such cold weather was the heater available (Thank God!)

Melanie (Layered Chocolate Cake)


Smoked Salmon Sandwich 

and here's me with the all so pretty cup containing Hazelnut Coffee.
The takeaway cup was wayyy to pretty that I had to take photo with it.
(Here's to those that are always camwhoring with your Starbucks drink)
Our total (including another 1 more drink, a yoghurt, 2 slices of bread) came up to about 800NT.

Overall I would say that the food is worth the try if you're looking for somewhere to just sit around and get a light bite and some drinks. 

 Yay! Here's my #ootd for the day; Dressed down in all basics with my trusty Dr Marts.

Later on in the evening, we headed down to Shi Da Night Market (師大夜市)
You'll have to walk down quite a distance after you've alight at Taipower Building Station but I swear that it's definitely worth it.
If you're not sure how to get there, just follow the crowd or ask the locals there, you'll get there (;

Before we start our shopping spree part 2, we decided to get a quick fix at a beef noodle store which name I forgot, oops. I will be back to edit this!
Their noodles mostly cost less than 140NT/bowl and sides were at 30NT each.

In terms of fashion, I feel that Shida Night Market carries the best designs.
Although the items are slightly more pricey in comparison to the other night market, it's definitely worth paying for some of the most unique pieces you can find. 
(Be prepared to search through racks, alleys and go up and down into stores though)
One example would be this pretty kimono like piece that we managed to dig out of really cluttered racks. So worth it! ^^

 To end of our shopping there, we treated ourselves to some traditional bean curd (35NT)

We went for the original one though they have many varieties available.
If you're not a fussy eater or love almonds, do give their other variety a try. 
And definitely give this store a try, you'll come to understand why SOOO many people are holding a bowl of this around the area where the stall is located. 

So with that, this concludes Day 2 of my Taiwan trip~
I'll try my best to be back soon with the remaining days of my trip.
Keep a look out cause Day 3 was one of my fav and most eventful day!
Thanks for reading :*

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